Sport Law

Sport Law
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Dispute Resolution

SCHOEB AVOCATS represents athletes, clubs and federation in proceedings before arbitration tribunals and state courts – including the Swiss Supreme Court.

Our firm has represented its clients in numerous proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) (e.g. contractual disputes, transfer of players, disciplinary proceedings, anti-doping, ineligibility, etc.) as well as before FIFA Committees and other International and national sports governing bodies.

We are advising clients involved in various sports including football, volleyball, hockey, boxing, cycling, athletics, swimming, weightlifting, skiing, etc

Legal Advice

SCHOEB AVOCATS advises athletes in managing their careers and provides a vast array of legal services in this regard concerning players’ contracts, sponsorships, partnerships, collaborations, employment law issues, image and branding rights, etc.

Our firm assists sports federations, clubs and teams in relation to their organization, management, etc.